How We Keep Costs Down

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No materials and time spent attempting to construct effective barriers to mitigate invasive dust.

Three times the reduction in labor hours spent removing flooring and other related materials.

Flatter, cleaner surfaces that reduce the time required for floor prep before your next installation.

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cost efficiency floor removing services

No need to spend money repairing damages caused my lesser-quality and low efficiency equipment.

No need to hire a professional cleaning company to spend days removing harmful dust.

cost efficiency floor removing services

Long Term Savings

Your Health and Well-Being Is Priceless

It can take months or even years to get rid of all the harmful dust particles left in your home or workspace utilizing traditional removal methods, and your health is crucial. By choosing DustFree LLC, you’re creating an immeasurable cost saving.


1. Type of Material

The removal techniques, time, and equipment required varies based on the type of material we’re working with. Certain materials will cost more to remove than others.

2. Size of Material

Expect higher costs for tiles that are 19″ by 19″ or larger. Larger format tiles use a thicker mortar bed which increases the thinset removal time.

3. Location of Material

Removing tile from stairs, a shower, backsplash or fireplace is more challenging than removing tile from a concrete floor. The more difficult the removal, the higher the cost.

4. Subfloor

If your home was built over a basement, or has multiple stories, chances are there will be a cement board that needs removal as well. This too can increase the costs.

5. Location of Property

Expect additional costs for removals that require extensive travel, take multiple days to complete, or require overnight lodging.

6. Other Logistics

Accessibility to the location matters. Things like steps, inclined driveways, and elevators can affect the cost of your removal as well.