Introducing DustFree Floor Removal to Central Oregon

Motivated by necessity, the Nicholas family brings DustRam® technology to Bend and the surrounding area.

DustFree Flooring & Demolition

After purchasing a ranch in Tumalo and completing a remodel, we realized that the old slate flooring was much too dark and just did not work with the updates we had just completed. So, just after getting everything cleaned up, we started to remodel…again.

Being from Arizona, we were aware of the DustRam system and its ability to remove flooring Dust Free – unfortunately, it was not available in Bend. We spoke with many flooring contractors in an attempt to have one of them invest in the equipment, technology and training. With no takers, we decided to do it ourselves

So, as the proud owners of DustFree Bend LLC, we’re happy to report that we removed our floors….Dust Free. Of course, your job is going to be a lot less expensive than mine (since we started the company), but I promise you will be just as ecstatic with the outcome.