The DustFree Advantage

We are licensed and trained by DustRam® to use their patented equipment – the only equipment in the industry validated by and exceeding OSHA standards.

Our team of employees and are fully trained and insured (no third parties involved).

We promise tile removal services for residential and commercial spaces that are:



Get protection from the dangers of silica and demolition dusts.

Prevent potential respiratory diseases by hiring a company specializing in dust-free (not dustless) tile removal. At DustFree LLC, our methods stop debris and dust from contaminating the air of your living or work spaces which eliminates the potential health risks for babies, the elderly, pets, and those who may suffer from respiratory conditions.

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An undeniably faster service

Our equipment uses a combination of specialized tools that work in unison to complete each phase of the tear-out, resulting in a tile removal process that is three times faster than traditional methods.



No dust, no mess

Many contractors remove tile and thinset the old-fashioned way, severely damaging your subfloor surface. This causes you to incur additional unexpected repair costs and creates a mountain of dust!

For every square foot of thinset that is removed, it creates up to one pound of dust. Our team of trained professionals at DustFree LLC and dust-free methods will leave your subfloor better prepared for the next floor installation.

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Our Tools Leave Your Subfloor Better Prepared

Hammer and drills commonly used during the tile and thinset removal process typically damage floors and delays the installation of new flooring.

With the DustRam® System, the tile is removed and thin-set grinded down and scarified to give your new floor a better adhesion.

Not only do we remove the tile and capture the dust using PulseRam® Auto-Self Cleaning Vacuum, we also leave your subfloor well prepared for an easier and more efficient floor installation.

D. L.

Knowledgeable staff was able to explain their process and schedule us fairly quickly. The removal crew was efficient and friendly. We had sealed epoxy coated concrete floors which needed grinding and we expected some mess despite the ‘dust free’ process advertised. Compared to other folks that have had concrete grinding done this was a walk in the park on a sunny day. Truly near 100% dust free.

Jill B.

If you need tile removed, THIS is the way to go. I mean, I don’t know why it would be done any other way. This is gold standard. Nick and Mike were responsive, friendly, thorough and reliable. Based on the amount of tile, they booked the crews for 2 consecutive days, BUT the guys were done in 4 hours. Amazing.

Marjorie K

I really appreciate how nice everyone was and how respectful of my home the workmen were. Showed up on time (just like when I used them 3 years ago) and it truly was a dust free removal with perfectly smooth floors. The consistency this company has is really impressive! Customer service is top notch from the office to the crew, very communicative, and all at a reasonable price.

A+ can’t recommend them enough!


Dustless Isn’t Dust Free

Learn how our dust-free methods are an advantage when compared to tape, plastic and sledge hammer tile removal services.


Premier Dust-Free Flooring & Demolition Services

Dust left by competitors is significant

Competitors boasts their services are “virtually” dust-free, even though most only achieve a capture rate of just 96%. Out of 800 pounds that leaves 32 pounds of silica contaminants floating through the air, vents, settling on clothes, food, electronics, and anything else in your home or business.

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We capture dust at the source

Our system captures dust at the source – as soon as it’s been created.

We use equipment with 24 US patents to remove ceramic tile and other flooring types without exposing workers, business owners, and homeowners to the dusty mess.