Top 4 Reasons to Choose DustFree PNW for Floor Removal

Looking to remove tile or any type of flooring in your home or business? The traditional methods of tile removal and floor replacement pose a serious health risk due to the high levels of silica dust that are released into the air, as well as the potential for damage to the surrounding areas. DustFree offers a solution that eliminates these risks and is preferred over traditional methods to clients in Bend, OR, and the surrounding areas. Here are four reasons to choose DustFree for your dust free tile removal needs:

Fast and Efficient

Our dust-free tile removal process is much faster than traditional methods, meaning less disruption and mess in your home or office, and you can replace your floor quickly. Additionally, we don’t have to spend time covering up your furniture or protecting your belongings because our process is 99.7% dust free. 

The Easiest Way to Remove Flooring

Your next floor replacement project will be a breeze with DustFree. Our removal process provides no need for messy demolition or hazardous chemicals. We use patented equipment, that quickly and easily removes tile or any type of flooring or masonry without any mess or hassle. No reason to move out, away or close your business to get new floors. 

The Only Patented Dust-Free System

DustFree is the only tile removal company that uses the DustRam®️ patented dust-free system in Bend, OR and the Northwest. This system has been tested and proven to be effective in eliminating airborne dust particles 50 times greater than OSHA recommended limits! It is even safe in hospital and health care environments. You can trust that our process is safe and will protect your family or employees from harmful silica dust exposure.

Maintain Good Air Quality

Our removal process is not only good for your health, but it’s also good for the environment. Through our dust free removal, you can avoid silica dust and other harmful airborne particles that can be released into the air during traditional tile removal methods. This means you can maintain good indoor air quality for your family or employees!

There is no better floor removal company than DustFree! Our process is fast, efficient, and safe for your family or employees. With our patented dust-free system, you can trust that we will get the job done right without any mess or hassle. Contact our team today to receive a free quote!